• Scrambled eggs with a KAPOW!

    Scramble eggs and sprinkle Super Sesame to add a punch of flavor. Serve on toast to start your day off right. Creamy and tasty!

  • Avocado toast

    Mash avocado with some lime juice and a touch of salt to taste. Spread over toasted multigrain toast and sprinkle Savory Chana before you enjoy. Toast, elevated!

  • Bagel with a KAPOW!

    Spread cream cheese on bagel. Sprinkle CHUTNI PUNCH. Spicy cream cheese, anyone?

  • Tricolor salad

    Avocado, tomato and olive oil come together in this tasty salad. A sprinkle of Savory Chana brings it all together. Umami meets creamy!

  • Poached eggs in a tomato sauce

    Cook tomatoes with onion and garlic. Make wells in the sauce once cooked. Break eggs into wells and cook covered until eggs are set to desired consistency. Sprinkle Super Sesame to finish. Adding crunch to the oozy!

  • Mushroom pizza

    Spread pizza dough into desired shape. Add olive oil and minced garlic. Then top with sliced mushroom and mozzarella. Bake until done and finish with a sprinkle of Savory Chana. Earthy, cheesy goodness.

  • Vegetable stir fry

    Stir fry your favorite vegetables and tofu in peanut oil. Then, add soy sauce and turn off the heat. Sprinkle Spicy Peanut CHUTNI PUNCH and toss. Enjoy over steamed rice. Spicy, peanut-y yum!

  • Fig and goat cheese toast with honey and pistachios

    Toast bread. Spread goat cheese. Sprinkle Super Sesame and top with sliced figs. Garnish with chopped toasted pistachios and drizzle with honey. Savory, sweet and delicious!

  • Pierogies with a PUNCH

    Cook pierogies using preferred method. Top with sour cream and a sprinkle of Super Sesame. A crunchy burst to comfort food!

  • PUNCHED up ginger coconut soup

    Make this delicious soup from 101 Cookbooks blog. Then sprinkle some Spicy Peanut in it. Oh so creamy, so spicy, so tasty!

  • Gourmet cheese board

    Entertaining? Make a dip with one or all flavors of CHUTNI PUNCH mixed with a good olive oil. Arrange the dips as part of a cheese board. Use your favorite cheese along with fruit, vegetables, nuts and a variety of crackers and artisanal bread. Photo by Kaitlin Walsh

  • Baked chicken with CHUTNI PUNCH butter sauce

    Bake chicken in the oven until done. Mix Spicy Peanut or Super Sesame CHUTNI PUNCH with butter. Coat the cooked chicken with the just prepared butter sauce. Easy and breezy flavor!