Adun Spice Co.

3441 Tuttle Rd. #103
Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122
(216) 200-6367


Gingham Market

17000 Madison Ave
Lakewood, OH 44107
(216) 228-2285


Larder Delicatessen and Bakery

1455 W 29th Street
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 912-8203


Natures's Oasis

3385 Tuttle Rd #104
Shaker Hts, OH 44122
(216) 965-0323


Stillpoint gallery

12427 Cedar Rd.
Cleveland Hts., OH 44106
(216) 721-4992


The BottleHouse Brewery

2050 Lee Rd
Cleveland Heights, OH
(216) 214-2120


The Grocery

2600 Detroit Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 527-0307


  • Scrambled eggs with a KAPOW!

    Scramble eggs and sprinkle Super Sesame to add a punch of flavor. Serve on toast to start your day off right. Creamy and tasty!

  • Avocado toast

    Mash avocado with some lime juice and a touch of salt to taste. Spread over toasted multigrain toast and sprinkle Savory Chana before you enjoy. Toast, elevated!

  • Bagel with a KAPOW!

    Spread cream cheese on bagel. Sprinkle CHUTNI PUNCH. Spicy cream cheese, anyone?

  • Tricolor salad

    Avocado, tomato and olive oil come together in this tasty salad. A sprinkle of Savory Chana brings it all together. Umami meets creamy!

  • Poached eggs in a tomato sauce

    Cook tomatoes with onion and garlic. Make wells in the sauce once cooked. Break eggs into wells and cook covered until eggs are set to desired consistency. Sprinkle Super Sesame to finish. Adding crunch to the oozy!

  • Mushroom pizza

    Spread pizza dough into desired shape. Add olive oil and minced garlic. Then top with sliced mushroom and mozzarella. Bake until done and finish with a sprinkle of Savory Chana. Earthy, cheesy goodness.