Use it on anything

Chutni Punch can be used to add extra flavor or a spicy punch to all of your favorite dishes! This incredibly versatile seasoning is great on eggs, avocado toast, stir fry, potatoes, soups, and even pizza!

Sprinkle, Mix, Toss

Chutni Punch isn't a cooking spice, you add it at the end. Just sprinkle, mix, or toss it with anything you're eating to punch it up!


Seriously tasty.

Only the highest quality, locally sourced (when possible) ingredients from nature are used in all products.

CHUTNI PUNCH is vegan and gluten-free with ZERO preservatives, artificial ingredients, added oils and fillers.

The packaging is sustainable and recyclable. Everything from recycled cardboard and paper labels to sealing shrink bands that are made from biodegradable cellulose.