I've always preferred savory breakfasts. Credit my upbringing in Southern India for that. I grew up eating savory crepes (dosas), steamed rice and lentil cakes (idlis) with coconut chutney and cooked semolina chock-full of vegetables and spices (upma).

Not surprisingly then years later, as I began raising my kids in the United States, I found myself sprinkling the dry spice condiment I grew up eating on my avocado toast, savory oatmeal, eggs, and bagel slathered with cream cheese. The breakfasts changed but the need to add bursts of Indian flavor to my food did not.

Then one day, KAPOW! It dawned on me:

What if I made the dry spice condiments from my childhood versatile enough to add a burst of flavor to anything, any time of the day?

That's how I created CHUTNI PUNCH, a line of seasonings that are easy to use on just about anything. All you need to do is sprinkle, mix or toss them. On, in, and with everything.

My mission is to remove barriers around how you use spices and flavor your food. I want to counter the perception that using spices is complicated and overwhelming. That's why I created CHUTNI PUNCH, something that easily allows you to be creative and playful. Something that enlivens ALL of your taste buds. Something so magical that it has you craving for more.

May all your meals have a PUNCH of some KAPOW!

With love,
Sahithya Wintrich

Me, my little sister and my Ajji (grandma).


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